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TruNorth Decking is more than just good looks and durability, it is also easy to install.  The secret is our exclusive hidden fastener installation systems. Even if you’ve never installed a deck before, our TruNorth Slide & Go fastening clip system and Clubhouse ConnectClip fastening system make it easy to install a new deck for your home in less time, with just a few simple tools.

Whether you have chosen composite decking from our TruNorth Accuspan line or have selected our premium Clubhouse Ultra PVC decking, a TruNorth deck will be a beautiful addition to your home and we’re excited to help you get started with your installation.

TruNorth makes it easy!

So just how easy is it to install a TruNorth or Clubhouse deck? We aren’t suggesting that you can do it with one hand tied behind your back, but with two hands and a little guidance from TruNorth – and maybe the help of a professional deck builder – your deck is sure to come together quickly and easily.

In fact, thanks to TruNorth’s tailor-made installation systems, a DIYer can build an average backyard deck in just one to three weeks and start enjoying it right away! If you plan on installing your TruNorth or Clubhouse deck yourself, be sure to spend some time reviewing our detailed installation instructions.

TruNorth Decking Installation Guide
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TruNorth Slide & Go Fence Installation Guide
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Clubhouse Decking Installation Guide
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Clubhouse Decking Biscuit Hidden Fastener Installation Guide
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