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Clubhouse 2 x 6

Product Overview

Introducing the Clubhouse PVC 2 x 6 board, a robust and versatile addition to our premium line of PVC products. Engineered for even more strength and durability, this thicker profile builds upon the success of our Clubhouse Ultra boards, offering a specialized solution for more demanding applications, such as commercial projects.

Available dimensions: 1 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 8′ or 10′

Features and benefits


Clubhouse… But Even Stronger!

The Clubhouse 2 x 6 board is designed to meet the needs of more challenging projects. With a thicker, stronger profile, this board provides much greater resistance to deflection and fracture, as well as a much higher maximum weight load, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications where traditional materials might fall short. Rigorous testing shows that the extra thickness improves the board’s strength by an impressive 110%. Whether you’re constructing a dock, a forest walkway, a large boardwalk, or other high traffic areas, the Clubhouse 2 x 6 board offers the strength you need without compromising on quality or appearance.


Recommended Usage

Thanks to its enhanced performance, the Clubhouse 2 x 6 is ideal for heavy-duty and commercial purposes. However, its standardized profile also makes it perfect for replacing old or damaged 2 x 6 boards, allowing you to enjoy Clubhouse luxury anywhere you need it.

Barefoot Friendly and Stays Cooler Underfoot

The Clubhouse 2 x 6 provides complete freedom to go barefoot on any surface that you want. Thanks to Clubhouse’s proprietary embossing technology, it boasts unrivaled slip resistance in the decking industry. The Clubhouse 2 x 6 also has no splinters, no cracks, and stays up to 30% cooler than competing brands in the sunshine.

*Clubhouse slip resistance exceeds ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements for slip resistance


Available in our classic Earthtone Collection

We know how important it is to actually see and feel the differences when comparing your options.

Clubhouse PVC 2 x 6 from TruNorth Composites is available in a variety of colours. With our online sample store, we’ve made choosing the right decking product easier than ever. Order samples in any style and colour so you can be certain you’re choosing the one that’s perfect for you.

Disclaimer: The Clubhouse 2 x 6 profile is currently unavailable as a sample. However, Clubhouse Ultra samples effectively represent the colours and texture of the corresponding 2 x 6 boards.