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Introducing TruNorth Gen II Decking: Where Style Meets Practicality

The importance of visually appealing yet functional spaces cannot be overstated when upgrading your outdoor area with decking. Beyond being a stylish extension of your home and interior design style, well-designed decks can transform your backyard and act as the perfect area for relaxation, entertainment, and connection with nature. 

When it comes to deck planning and construction, the right choice of decking material can make a profound impact on how your outdoor space is experienced. Enter TruNorth Gen II decking, a brand new option designed to marry aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. At the heart of its appeal is the dual finish feature, offering homeowners aesthetic flexibility that caters to all tastes. This newly introduced line is available in six stylish variegated colours and can be purchased in Enviroboard grooved, Accuspan Square Edge, and Fascia options.

For a comprehensive overview of how Gen II can revitalize your outdoor living space, continue reading for an introduction to its key features and benefits.

Why Opt for TruNorth Gen II Decking?

Ease of Installation

One of the main functional benefits of Gen II decking is its ease of installation. Featuring the new, enhanced Gen II Slide & Go Clip system, you can simply clip the boards together, with the screw already preloaded. The Gen II Slide & Go Clip system eliminates the need for additional screws, nails, or a 45° angle placement.

Due to a new tab that aligns it to the joist, there’s no need for tape either. This feature also protects the wood during installation. The efficient form of installation leads to a quicker installation time and often lower installation costs. 

For added convenience, Gen II decking seamlessly integrates with popular systems like CAMO Hidden Fasteners (EDGE, EDGEX, EDGEXMETAL, and STARTER Clips). This feature is especially handy for those already familiar with these systems, simplifying the transition to Gen II.

Durability Meets Design

When constructing a new deck, it’s crucial to prioritize design and durability. Gen II decking offers a perfect blend of both these elements. Not only does it look good, with two finishes available, but it’s also engineered for longevity. Like all TruNorth composite decking products, a Gen II deck is designed to last 25 years, requiring minimal maintenance over its lifespan.

Investing in TruNorth Gen II decking provides homeowners and other consumers with the assurance that their deck is aesthetically pleasing and backed by durability and low maintenance requirements, enhancing their overall appreciation for the purchase.

A Choice Between Two Finishes: Wood Finish vs. Brushed Grain Aesthetic

As highlighted, Gen II decking is a blend of style and functionality. What’s exciting is that it offers two distinct finishes to choose from, each catering to different aesthetic preferences. This versatility in design allows homeowners to select the finish that best suits their taste and outdoor space.

Brushed Finish

The Brushed Finish of Gen II decking could be an excellent choice for those considering a modern and sleek aesthetic in their outdoor spaces. If you’re drawn to contemporary styles that blend form with function, this design might particularly resonate with you. 

The following are the primary features and benefits of Gen II Brushed Finish decking: 

  • Modern Look: Offers a contemporary and sleek appearance that suits modern architectural designs.
  • Uniform Texture: Features a consistent and even texture that adds a subtle yet sophisticated touch.
  • Low-Gloss Surface: Typically comes with a less shiny surface, giving it a more understated elegance.
  • Subtle Visual Depth: The brushing process can create a look of visual depth without being overly prominent.
  • Minimizes Appearance of Scratches: The texture and finish can help conceal minor scratches and wear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Versatility in Colour: Brushed finishes pair well with a wide range of colour options, enhancing the decking’s overall appeal.

Wood Grain Finish

The Wood Grain Finish of Gen II decking is tailored for individuals who appreciate the timeless and warm look of real wood but seek a low-maintenance alternative. Homeowners with a preference for natural aesthetics, traditional designs, and outdoor spaces that exude a cozy, rustic charm may find this finish particularly appealing. 

Primary features and benefits of Gen II Wood Grain Finish decking include:

  • Natural Aesthetic: Mimics the traditional look of real wood, adding a warm and inviting feel to the outdoor space.
  • Rich Texture: Exhibits the tactile feel of natural wood grain, enhancing the sensory experience.
  • Organic Variation: Each board features unique grain patterns, adding character and a bespoke quality.
  • Rustic Charm: Ideal for creating a cozy, rustic ambiance in the outdoor area.
  • Complements Natural Settings: Blends well with natural landscapes, gardens, and traditional home designs.
  • Depth and Dimension: The wood grain finish can add depth and dimension, making the decking more visually engaging.

When choosing between these two finishes, homeowners should take into account the overall style of their home and garden, the surrounding landscape, and their personal design preferences. Brushed Finish is well-suited for a modern, clean aesthetic, while Wood Grain Finish is ideal for those who prefer a classic, natural appearance. Mixing and matching these finishes can also create unique and customized decking designs.

A Diverse Palette of Colour Choices

Along with two finishes, Gen II comes in an extensive selection of six popular colours. As with the varied type of finishes, you have the flexibility to choose a single, uniform colour or mix and match colours to create a distinctive design. 

Contrast and Visual Interest

With a several stylish colours and two distinct finishes, you have the flexibility to blend various Gen II deck boards to create a striking contrast and enhance the visual appeal of the deck. For example, you might choose one finish for the main deck area and a different one for borders or accents to define spaces and highlight specific features.

Design Flexibility

The option to mix and match finishes with Gen II decking also opens up new design possibilities beyond just different colours letting you create patterns with textures. Imagine adding an artistic touch to your outdoor space by using one finish to highlight a cozy lounging area and another to frame a vibrant dining space.

Such contrasts not only define different zones on your deck but also add visual interest and character. This approach not only helps in organizing your outdoor space but also adds a touch of uniqueness without being overly complex.

Harmonization With Home Architecture

The choice of finish and colour, including the decision to mix colours and finishes of Gen II, can also be influenced by the architectural style of your home. For example, for homes that blend traditional and modern elements, combining wood grain with a brushed finish will complement the overall aesthetic. Integrating the aesthetic of your home into the outdoor space through a Gen II deck enables a cohesive look, seamlessly blending the indoors with the outside.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the decision to choose Gen II decking, and to decide whether to mix finishes and colours, should align with the homeowner’s personal taste. Some might prefer the consistency of a single finish, while others may find the mix more appealing and unique. No matter what colours and finishes you decide on, choosing Gen II provides you with all of the benefits of TruNorth’s composite decking with an advanced ease of installation thanks to our new Gen II Slip & Go Clip system. 

In Conclusion

Choosing the right decking for your new deck project involves considering various factors, including finish, overall aesthetics, ease of installation, and long-term maintenance. Homeowners seeking to elevate their outdoor living space with a decking product offering aesthetic flexibility and practical benefits should strongly consider TruNorth Gen II decking. 

Combining the numerous advantages of composite decking with a range of design choices, Gen II offers the ability to opt for sleek and modern or more traditional wood grain finishes, each available in six stunning colors. The dual-finish design also makes it remarkably easy to incorporate a unique mix of finishes into your overall design.

Ready to transform your outdoor space with TruNorth Gen II decking? Discover all of our versatile Gen II decking options and start planning today to bring your dream deck to life!