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Grey Tones Take Center Stage: Exploring Colour Trends in Composite and PVC Decking

Grey is a timeless and highly adaptable color that blends seamlessly into a multitude of design styles. So, it’s not surprising that grey is becoming a go-to colour for outdoor decking projects. From light dove greys to deep and dramatic charcoals, grey can be both cool and warm, minimalistic and lavish. There’s a tone for everyone, no matter what type of aesthetic you’re going for.

Best of all, it works harmoniously with a range of other hues. So, no matter what colour plants, furniture, or other design elements you have in your yard, a grey deck will blend seamlessly or can really stand out, depending on your preferences.  

If you’ve been considering a grey deck or want to learn more about this decking colour trend, read on. This article covers a range of topics, including which shades are available, the benefits of grey composite or PVC decking, and much more. 

Clubhouse Decking in Brookstone and Ironwood

The Appeal of Grey Tones

Grey tones in decking have grown popular over the last few years; but why exactly? This rise in grey tones can be attributed to a few factors.

First off, grey gives your deck a modern, sleek vibe. Adding grey decking can give a space an instant sense of contemporary sophistication. In addition, the neutral shades of grey complement most colour palettes, so won’t look out of place no matter what colour plants, garden decor items, or home exterior you have.  Finally, grey is highly versatile and works with a range of designs. Whether you’re aiming for a modern minimalist design or a rustic farmhouse look, grey decking can adapt to fit your vision.

The Benefit of Grey Tones in Composite and PVC Decking

If you’re planning a new deck with grey tones, you may be wondering which material to opt for: traditional wood, composite, or PVC decking. Composite and PVC decking have some clear advantages over traditional wood, making them great options for your deck project.

Functional benefits of composite and PVC decking over wood decking include:

  • Resistance to rotting, warping, splintering, and cracking.
  • No need to paint or stain the decking.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.  
  • No colour fading, and many brands, like  TruNorth Composite Decking and Clubhouse PVC Decking, come with colour fade warranty.
  • Less heat retention than wood.
  • Feature high-quality UV protectants (which help reduce colour fading and discolouring).

Composite and PVC decking also have aesthetic benefits over wood decking. They both look much more modern and sleek than a wood deck, and the use of internal fastening systems means that visible nails and screws don’t compromise the look of the deck. As grey is a contemporary and stylish tone, it works much better with the overall aesthetic of composite or PVC decking compared to wood.

Grey Decking Colour Options and Trends

If you’re considering composite or PVC decking for your grey deck design, TruNorth Composite Decking and Clubhouse PVC Decking both offer a variety of grey shades to choose from. 

TruNorth Decking in Ash Grey

TruNorth Composite Decking

  • Stone Grey
    Stone Grey is a soft light grey that will work well in minimalist designs. Its light and airy tone will also look great in smaller backyards as it will blend seamlessly into the rest of the yard, making your smaller garden appear larger.
  • Amazon Grey
    Amazon Grey is a medium grey shade with a tone between Stone Grey and the darker Ash Grey. It’s the ideal choice if you want a colour that’s warm without being overly dramatic. It also works in a range of designs, from minimalist outdoor spaces to more laid-back and cozy designs.
  • Ash Grey
    Those wanting to create a dramatic dark grey deck design will be interested in TruNorth’s Ash Grey. This earthy hue works well across an entire deck if you’re looking to make a statement. However, it also works well as an accent in two-tone designs for a more subtle yet impactful finish.
  • Hazelwood
    If you’re on the fence between a grey deck and a more traditional brown shade of decking, Hazelwood might be the colour for you! This hue mixes soft browns and greys to create a warm and sleek deck board.

    Hazelwood will work well in contemporary designs, with lots of complementary greenery surrounding the deck, but also looks great in a more relaxed and cozy design.

Clubhouse PVC Decking

  • Clay
    Those looking for a warm light grey with more of a brownish hue will be interested in Clay. This shade is excellent for minimalist designs but also works well in a more rustic outdoor space. Its neutrality makes it the perfect base for almost any colour of design elements, including plants, accessories, and furniture.
  • Brookstone
    Brookstone is a classic light grey tone that’s slightly silvery with blue undertones. Its soft finish means it won’t be overwhelming when used for an entire deck and will look excellent with an accent shade included for a two-tone design.
Clubhouse Decking in Driftwood and Clay
  • Driftwood
    This is another traditional grey shade that features silver and blue undertones along with a wood grain finish. Driftwood works as well for a full deck as it does as an accent colour. It also looks excellent with a range of design elements, including vibrant hues, more minimalist black and white, and tropical greenery.
  • Ironwood
    Ironwood is a top choice if you want to make a statement! This shade is similar to anthracite grey, featuring a very dark grey, almost black, primary shade with blue-grey undertones. It can be used for a whole deck but is also a highly popular accent colour for two-tone decks.
  • Hickory
    Hickory is more of a natural dark wood tone, but it has grey undertones that complement the primary colour perfectly and create a classic wood grain finish. This shade will look excellent with lots of greenery to create a tropical yet cozy outdoor space. 

Two-Tone Decking

If you can’t decide on one of the above colours, you may be interested in the two-tone decking trend. This technique uses two complementary or contrasting shades to create a custom, eye-catching design. With a variety of grey tones available, it’s easy to do a two-tone deck design.

For example, you could go for a light grey and dark grey pairing for a monochromatic look. Alternatively, use grey as a natural base to be complemented by a bolder colour, such as a warm cedar tone paired with a cool grey shade. This option will create a visually striking contrast and result in a highly unique decking design.

Clubhouse Decking in Brookstone and Ironwood

The following are some excellent pairings to consider when using TruNorth or Clubhouse Decking:


  • Amazon Grey + Ash Grey accent
  • Stone Grey + Ash Grey accent
  • Hazelwood + Ash Grey accent
  • Stone Grey + Amazon Grey accent
  • Hazelwood + Amazon Grey accent 


  • Brookstone + Ironwood accent
  • Driftwood + Ironwood accent
  • Clay + Ironwood accent
  • Hickory + Ironwood accent
  • Brookstone + Driftwood accent
  • Hickory + Driftwood accent

Complementing Grey Decking with Other Design Elements

After choosing the most optimal tone, or tones, of grey for your deck project, you can optimize your grey decking with complementary elements. These elements include plants, furniture, and decor pieces, like cushions or other soft furnishings. The best part about choosing grey decking is that the neutral tone opens up a range of design possibilities.

Regarding colours, grey decking works with black and white for a sleek and modern look. Alternatively, pair with blues and greens to create a calm nature-inspired aesthetic. You could also use warm wooden hues, which look beautiful against a grey backdrop and create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.
When considering materials, grey decking pairs well with a range of materials, each creating a different aesthetic. For example, if you’re going for a modern look, pair glass with your grey deck. Metal works well for an industrial vibe, whereas natural stone materials help to create an earthy and relaxed atmosphere.

When it comes to colours, black and white are perfect for a modern look with grey decking. Alternatively, pair with blues and greens to create a calm nature-inspired aesthetic. You could also use warm wooden hues, which look beautiful against a grey backdrop and create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. 

When considering materials, grey decking pairs well with a range of materials, each creating a different aesthetic. For example, if you’re going for a modern look, pair glass with your grey deck. Metal works well for an industrial vibe, whereas natural stone materials help to create an earthy and relaxed atmosphere. 

When it comes to design elements, like furniture and accessories, pops of colour stand out against all tones of grey. You can also create a vibrant contrast by adding colourful plants around the deck or use lots of greenery for a serene and tranquil space. 

From a sleek glass railing to colourful outdoor furniture or vibrant plants, there are countless ways to highlight the beauty of grey decking!

TruNorth Decking in Hazelwood and Amazon Grey

Maintenance and Care for Grey Composite and PVC Decking

As briefly discussed earlier, composite and PVC decking are very low maintenance, no matter which shade you opt for. They’re easy to clean (even with only soap and water) and don’t need painting or staining throughout their lifespan as wooden decks do. 

An added bonus of grey decking is that it’s great at hiding dirt and stains. Therefore, even during use and between cleans, your deck will look high-quality and spotless. 

Learn more about how easy it is to keep TruNorth composite decking and Clubhouse PVC decking clean by reading our decking care and maintenance guide.

In Conclusion

Grey decking has skyrocketed in popularity—and for all the right reasons. It’s versatile, blends seamlessly with a wide array of design styles and elements, and accessorizes beautifully with anything from black and white to warm wood tones.  Whether you’re into a minimalist aesthetic with glass and monochrome accents or a cozier vibe with rich woods and colorful accessories, grey’s got you covered.

Considering a grey deck? This article lays out some compelling reasons to explore composite or PVC options like TruNorth and Clubhouse. Not only do these materials offer a lot of practical benefits over traditional wood, but their modern look also elevates the contemporary appeal of grey tones.

Ready to make your outdoor space even more inviting? Grey is the way to go, especially if you opt for long-lasting decking materials like TruNorth Composite Decking or Clubhouse PVC Decking. With a wide range of colours, styles, and practical benefits, you can’t go wrong. Don’t just take our word for it, though—experience the shades for yourself by ordering samples.